7 Oddz
DreamTek (MC/Producer/Label Exec), Tony Patagonia (MC/Label Exec), Poz Lyric (MC/Label Exec)

Seven Oddities Records was founded in 2000 by emcee/producer DreamTek as an alternative to the pop direction he saw hip-hop music headed towards at the time. Self-described as “grimy, underground hip-hop at its finest”, the label is currently home to a number of artists with a wide variety of talents, allowing it to keep everything from production and recording to graphic design and video work in-house. Seven Oddities have released numerous solo projects from emcees including DreamTek, PozLyrix and DoomsDay as well as several collaborative/group projects.


Arken 9, Billie Dee Boodah, Clever One, DC the Truth, DoomsDay, DreamTek, PozLyrix, Roy Hobes, SaveOne, Scenic Roots, Tony Patagonia
(40oz Kings)   “EP”   (album, 2012)
(PozLyrix)   Chicago Native   (album, 2013)
Out for Blood Volume 3, Chapter 1/Chapter 2   (compilation, 2016)

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