Tha Chamba
Chainsaw (MC), Riot One (Graffiti Artist, DJ, Producer)

Tha Chamba was formed by members Chainsaw, Riot One and Toxic in the early 90’s and was part of the legendary Illstate Assassins collective. They released several singles, including the notable “Hood Thang”, with a video featured in heavy rotation on BET’s Rap City at the time, and only one album, 1995’s Makin’ Illa Noize, before disbanding. In addition to music Riot, is an accomplished graffiti artist and a member of several legendary crews including BASF and X-Men. All three have remained active in the hip hop community to this day.


Makin’ Illa Noize   (album, 1995)


Chi-Rock Nation, Empire of Destruction, Illstate Assassins, X-Men