Definite Vacation -4- Suckas
Rico G (Label Exec), RāBiez (MC, Producer)

Emcee/producer RāBiez and emcee Sire Sensai formed Definite Vacation -4- Suckas aka DVS Boys on the southside of Chicago in the early nineties. They signed with Profile Records and recorded an album featuring production by DJ Rhythm (then known for his work with Twista and Ghaad Squad), but the project was ultimately shelved. They released several popular 12” singles, independently, before Sire was killed by gun violence. It was difficult for RāBiez to continue after this tragic incident and DVS took an indefinite hiatus. As part of his return to music, RāBiez and Verbally Diseased Music’s Rico G have recently released The Great Chicago Fire, a collection of rare and unreleased DVS material from the mid-to-late nineties.


“Blowing Up the Spot”   (single, 1996)
“The Great Chicago Fire”   (single, 1997)


Verbally Diseased