Chali 2na
MC, Graffiti Artist

Chali 2na, the baritone voice most known for co-founding the iconic group Jurassic 5, was originally born on Chicago’s south side. His permanent move to Los Angeles in the late 80’s eventually led to the formation of the Unity Committee with Cut Chemist and Mark 7even before joining the Rebels of Rhythm to form Jurassic 5. Despite his west coast background, Chali’s Chicago roots run deep. He’s a member of Chi-Rock Nation and frequently collaborates with Ang13 and ShockWave. Chali is also an acclaimed graffiti artist, painter, graphic designer and photographer and recently published a book of his artwork.


(with Jurassic 5)   Jurassic 5 EP   (EP, 1998)
(with Jurassic 5)   Quality Control   (album, 2000)
(with Ozomatli)   Ozomatli   (album, 1998)
Fish Market – The Official Mixtape   (mixtape, 2004)
Fish Outta Water   (album, 2009)


Chi-Rock Nation

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