J.D. Walker

J.D. Walker is a pioneer of underground/independent hip-hop and his vocal style of rap is like no other. His credibility in the streets of Chicago’s westside (and city as a whole) is possibly the broadest of all. While perhaps not a national name, everyone from street hustlers to artists to Don “Magic” Juan know his name and influence throughout Chicago’s hip-hop scene. Crucial Conflict (which includes J.D.’s cousin Cold Hard) and Lupe Fiasco are two notable artists who’ve cited him as an influence.

J.D. began recording and independently producing his own music in 1988 and at the same time, started making his way through Chicago’s underground shows. His big break came in 1994 with the release of the single “Slippin Away” which received radio play throughout the city from stations like “rap radio” 950-AM. That led to the release of the full-length album The “Career” Criminal the following year. Due to legal issues, the album was pulled from shelves shortly after release and has since become one of Chicago’s coveted releases to own; a true holy grail amongst hip-hop collectors with copies going for upwards of hundreds of dollars on eBay and other sites. His next release, the Bogis Bangin EP, followed in 1997 and included the hit “Makadocious”.

J.D. Walker has shared the stage with some of hip-hop’s biggest acts, including OutKast, Wu-Tang Clan, Too $hort, Luke Skyywalker and Scarface. He continues to record and perform to this day while running Bogis Bangin Records.


“Slippin Away”   (single, 1994)
The “Career” Criminal   (single, 1995)
Bogis Bangin EP   (album, 1997)