Delle Del
MC, Promoter

Delle Del’s interest is music began in 1985 when we returned from college and started hanging out at WHPK and WNUR in Hyde Park and Evanston, respectively. Over the next five years Delle worked with two of the biggest names in Chicago hip-hop radio: Magic Maurice at WCRX and Pink House at WKKC before finally ending up at the ‘Rap Down’ show with Ramonski Luv and “Disco” Dave Hawkins at WGCI in 1990. As a recording artist in the late 80s and 90s he released several projects including the 12” single “Comin’ Right At Cha!” and the 1995 full-length album Street Hitz Funk, with his group Black Mob, that showcased him as one of the pioneers of the singing rap style so popular today. Around this time he also jumped into the promotional side of things, pushing both music releases and concerts for the likes of DA Smart, 2Pac, Brand Nubian, Geto Boys, OutKast, King Louie, Lil Herb and more.


“You’ve Been Messin Around” featuring Scout #1   (single w/Jamin Jack Starling, 1990)
“Comin Right at Cha!” featuring C.O. the Bad Black   (single, 1994)
(with Black Mob)   Street Hitz Funk   (album, 1995)


Black Mob